In my Heart

Dedicated to Chris Roybal

This song is for Patsy, Sammy, Karmela, Ronni, Samantha & all of Chris’ Family

Christmas 2005, God Bless You, I Love You

(Am6) (Cm6)

I wish my words could have helped you on that day

Looking back now I just don’t feel the same

(Em) (C) (G) (Bm7)

Without saying goodbye I wonder why, you had to go

(Em) (C) (G) (Bm7)

Tears from Love in my eyes I cry you know I Love you

(Em) (C) (G) (Em)

And I hope the Lord is there with you, Loving You

(C) (D) (G)

And you’ll always be in my heart

-Guitar Solo-

Still remember how you made me laugh and feel

In your smile and your heart you kept it real

You gave me strength, courage to be myself and shine

You’ll always have a place in my heart, I miss you that’s no lie

And I hope you’re with the Lord it’s True, I Love You

And you’ll always be in my heart

(Am6) (Cm6) (G)

You’ll always be in my heart (repeat 3 times)

Words & Music By: Carlo Armendariz

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